May 2023

Anhalter Bahnhof Revisited

Exilmuseum is in planning to be built at Anhalter Bahnhof, where today only the ruins of the portico of what was once Berlin’s largest rail station remain. Now the rail station is being brought back to life: supported by Stiftung Exilmuseum, Deutsches Technikmuseum and TU Darmstadt developed a visual reconstruction of the Berlin architectural icon.

An immersive 360-degree tour invites users to discover the historic rail station and stories linked to it. The app “Anhalter Bahnhof Revisted” can be discovered at the site of Anhalter Bahnhof with a smartphone and online at the website

An event will be held at Werkstatt Exilmuseum focusing on the history of Anhalter Bahnhof and presenting “Anhalter Bahnhof Revisited.” Go to event