January 26, 2023

Archives Seminar: Resistance from Exile

What means did persecuted people in exile use to resist the Nazi regime? What topics do the written testimonies of resistance deal with and to whom were they addressed? And how can these sources be communicated to tan audience in a museum?

Students worked on these questions in the winter semester 22/23 as part of a cooperative seminar of the Viadrina University Frankfurt/Oder, the TU Berlin and the Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin. Selected archival holdings of the Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin on the topic of resistance from exile were reviewed and analyzed by the students. In addition to dealing with the historical sources, the students had the task of thinking about forms of presentation for the historical material in the museum.

Seminar leader PD Dr. Christian Dietrich appreciated the opportunity for the students to work with rare historical material and also to actively participate in the conception process of the Exilmuseum. The Exilmuseum also benefits from the perspective of the prospective researchers. At the end of the semester, the students presented their results in a joint final session with all participants.