May 17, 2023, 7 pm

I Never Said Goodbye: Women in Exile

In 2015, the artist Heike Steinweg began taking pictures of women who live as exiles in Berlin. This resulted in the portrait series: I Never Said Goodbye. Now, eight years later, Heike Steinweg will meet with several of these women for a conversation at Werkstatt Exilmuseum. Together they want to contemplate their futures and share explicitly female views and experiences. What does motherhood in exile mean, how do we speak to our children about war, backgrounds, and homeland, and is there a special female solidarity in exile? Heike Steinweg speaks with Dima Kalaji, Kefah Ali Deeb, Nivin Maksour, and Yasmine Merei.

Language: English

Part of the series Carte Blanche, where exiles and other experts take the stage for an event of their own design

Location: Fasanenstrasse 24, 10719 Berlin
The building is unfortunately not barrier-free.

Doors open an hour before the event which gives you the chance to explore the building and its exhibits.

Photos: © Heike Steinweg