Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 5 pm

85 Years since the Kindertransporte

In 1938, the first so-called Kindertransport, or “children’s transport,” left Berlin. This program saved around 10,000 children from Germany and Austria from Nazi persecution. But most of the children never saw their families again. To mark this anniversary, some of those rescued and their families will come to Berlin and be hosted by Werkstatt Exilmuseum for a closed workshop.

The subsequent public commemoration ceremony will be held at Bahnhof Friedrichstraße, where the monument Trains to Life, Trains to Death by Frank Meisler recalls this special chapter of German refugee history.

Speakers: Bärbel Bas, president of the German Bundestag, Petra Pau, vice-president of the Bundestag, and others.

Location: Monument at S/U Friedrichstraße,
Georgenstr. 14, 10117 Berlin

An initiative of Kindertransport Organisation Deutschland e.V.